The Rusk W8less Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Dryer is an all-rounder unfailing dryer that won’t harm hair,break the bank or make your arm suffer.


An opulence hair dryer often comes with many many features but also a high price tag. The Rusk W8less hair dryer has all the features you’d need, but it does not too much money to buy that like a luxury brand. It cost much more low than a luxury brand. It has buttons that are easy to press but likely won’t cause you to accidentally push them. It reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit and it produces a fast air stream at 60 mph. The design is simple, shiny, smooth, and fool-proof.

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This dryer also has a cool-shot feature, the button on the Rusk is nice and wide, easy to push, and on the other hand most dryers make this button tiny so that it hurts your finger to hold down for a few seconds. The Rusk W8less will dry your hair as quickly as best salon-quality dryer, but you won’t have to pay salon-level prices for it. If you go to salon, you have to pay every time you dry your hair but you have to pay just one time for this hair dryer.